Custom-Made Replacement Cushions 

After a long life of service, all couch and furniture cushions need replacing.

We custom cut cushion foam cores! 

Protect your fabric and bring new life to your furniture with new cores. When foam loses its resilience it collapses under load. This causes discomfort for you and also causes strain and stress to the fabric as well as the seams. 

We custom cut any shape and size of foam core. We can help you accommodate any firmness, density, and design to suite your furniture.

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DID YOU KNOW…Density and firmness level are two different things?

  • Density is the weight of the foam per cubic foot and to a large degree determines its quality. The higher the density the longer the cushion core will retain resilience and comfort. If a person weighing 160lb sits on a cushion regularly 1-3h/day, a 1.2lb/cubic foot density will last between 1-2 years. 1.8 density (standard in furniture industry) will yield 3-5 years, whereas a 2.5 density will last over a decade
  • Firmness level is measured in ILD (Impression Load Deflection). ILD is measured by pressing a 12-inch round disk into a 4-inch piece of foam until it presses 25% or one inch into the mattress surface. A 2” seat cushion needs to be firmer e.g. 60ILD whereas a 4-5” sofa cushion sits really nice at 45ILD.

All our seat foams are 2.5 or higher in density! We custom cut the foam cores so that they are an exact match to the original foam, we can also replace and re-wrap the cushions with a fresh layer of polyester batting if necessary. You decide how firm you like your cores.