Mindful Upholstery

Upholsterer: Simon Aberg 

I was born and raised in Sweden. After moving to Hawaii in 2004 I met my wife, Janine, who is from South Africa. We moved to Harrisonburg in 2015. Working with my hands is something I have always loved  and I find that my detailed orientated nature is well used in this work. I love working with individuals to find exactly what they love both in material and design. I provide a large selection of upholstery fabrics for my customers and also take pains to make sure they are well satisfied with my work.

Upholstery was not my first career choice. It came as a surprise, like finding a lost friend. I have always been a very tactile person and the art of design suites my creative personality well. Consequently I have naturally gravitated towards fine furniture, window treatments, and custom design work. I especially love the combination of woodwork and fabric.

My grandfather built and upholstered furniture, and my mother sews beautifully. Perhaps some of these talents have been passed onto me.
Being Swedish, I grew up with a high value of quality. This is evidenced in my work through my material choices, timeliness, and the workmanship of my craft.
I am passionate about design and love to help my customers find the right color, texture, pattern, and shape for their application.
Upholstery for me is a joyful expression of creativity.
I look forward to working with you in the future.

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 Janine and Simon Aberg

Simon, Janine, Arowin, and Katanyah